ateSolar is a leading provider of Solar Thermal Energy solutions. Our goal is to bring sustainable clean energy solutions to Thailand by removing the dependency on fossil fuels for electricity generation. To achieve energy independence, we need to provide electricity on demand 24 hours a day at a cost which is equal to or lower than electricity generated from coal or natural gas. Our solutions are “Powered By The Sun" using solar thermal technology developed in Thailand to secure a reliable renewable electricity generation source.



ateSolar solution is based on a solar thermal parabolic trough design, with a direct heat transfer fluid and storage system solution. Our solution can generate electricity 24 hours a day, providing an economical solar solution for today’s energy needs. Our nano coated receiver technology and advanced storage designs, significantly enhances the return on investment of our solution ensuring financial security for our business and operations. After successfully operating in Thailand we intend to export this technology into other countries throughout the world with a key focus on the ASEAN region.





Our Business Model

Thailand’s key energy goals are to secure a sustainable energy supply at an affordable price and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels (especially natural gas) in generating electricity in addition to reducing the countries carbon footprint and GHG emissions. We aim to help Thailand to achieve these goals by implementing and operating a renewable solar thermal electricity generation company which can provide electricity 24 hours a day at an economical tariff rate and deliver 'supply side' large scale solar generated clean energy at any scale with market leading cost and efficiency.