One of the key limitations of traditional solar renewable solutions is the ability to store the thermal energy for use at nighttime or during periods of rain or cloud cover.




Our solution is based on a Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) parabolic trough and uses a direct heat transfer fluid and storage system which can capture enough thermal energy during the daytime which can then be used at night time to generate electricity.



ateSolar is a renewable solar thermal energy provider. Using our propriety technology in receiver and molten salt storage design with parabolic trough solar collectors enable ateSolar to generate clean energy electricity at night time or during periods of rain or cloud cover at an economical tariff rate by delivering 'supply side' large scale solar generated clean energy at any scale with market leading cost and efficiency.

Our Technology


ateSolar has developed our own technology in receiver design and thermal storage which significantly enhances traditional solar thermal parabolic trough systems. Our direct Molten Salt based solution used as the Heat Transfer Fluid is safe to the environment and efficient at transferring and storage of thermal energy. We use nanotechnology to enhance the efficiency of our receivers, this technology was developed in Thailand and with our continued development we believe we can ensure Thailand’s energy independence while reducing Thailand’s carbon footprint.


Our research and development facilities are located in Thailand and we believe we are at the forefront in innovation of nanotechnology development and molten salt storage for solar thermal applications. The next generation generators we are developing are based on our stirling engine and thermo electric generator technology to further enhance the efficiency in producing renewable solar energy.